Alice the Madness Returns Evil Wonderland
Alice the Madness returns is my favorite game ever and I want to show you my obsession :3
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Reblog if you’re far away from someone and you want to hug them SO BAD.

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Reblog if you utterly and without hesitation support gay rights

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"All they sing about is wanting to kill themselves & death & their music is full of hate"

Really? You still think that? “Open your mind before your mouth” before you criticize the people who saved my life.

Im not even one of the girls thats super into these bands and listens to them like its my business. Im mostly into other music. The messages they try to teach though are so true. I have a good amount of respect for them. Specially Gerard Way cuz I got through my teens listening to MCR.




Teacup pomeranian appreciation post


Can I have you

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